• Joanne Mullin

What are you wearing?

Updated: Oct 15

While we were making other plans, the Corona Virus knocked us off our feet, and has turned lives upside down. As we grope our way through the Covid cloud, we find ourselves moving towards a brightening horizon, but we are only beginning to realize the incredible impact this pandemic has had on our lives. The whole experience has affected us in many ways, and we find ourselves a bit disoriented as we try to pick up the pieces. One thing is certain: we aren’t going back to the same lives we had before Covid.

We are rethinking a lot of things — including how we will ease back into some semblance of normal life. And, for me, and all of the other fashion designers and retailers out there, one of the most important questions is, what will we be wearing? Even if we could go back to our former wardrobes, would we? So much of what is hanging in our closets no longer works for us. Some of us have already cleaned out our closets, but aren’t really sure how to move forward.

This is a time for reinvention; a time to live more authentically, and invest in clothing that is a reflection of our more relaxed lifestyle. At the same time, we are craving a more sophisticated, refined look. We want simple, flattering silhouettes that give us versatile options that we can wear in a variety of ways for a variety of situations. We are ready for a new look, but don’t relish the thought of going shopping, or buying things on line that may or may not fit.

Our new line of 50 handmade one-of-a-kind kimonos will be ready soon, and we can’t wait to show them to you! Keep checking in to see what’s new — and, better yet, sign up to receive our announcements and updates directly to your in-box. Just fill out the form at the top of this page. While you’re there, grab our free Wardrobe Styling Guide as a special bonus!

Using what we have to reinvent our lives.

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