I love to combine patterns, textures and colors. Whether it's for apparel or interior design and paint finishes, to me, it's all about making things look amazing.  

My passion for reinvention is behind everything I do. It started out with having to "make do" with the limited resources I had.  But now it's more about appreciating the patina of age, and finding the beauty in imperfection.  It's about rescuing hidden gems and giving them a new lease on life.

I have had many seasons of reinvention. A long career in marketing communications and public relations set the stage for working with products or situations that needed to presented in a new light. It taught me how to turn liabilities into strengths; to reveal hidden beauty.

Two years ago, my husband and  I, and our two sons, left the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Kansas City,  We are all beginning a new season of reinvention. A new (old) house, a new city, new friends, and new projects. It has been a transformative experience for all of us, as we settle into our new surroundings, and move into new possibilities.

My new line of kimonos and scarves is one of the most exciting things I've ever done.  I love the flattering and flowing silhouettes, and the gorgeous fabric combinations that often include pieces of vintage Japanese kimonos. 

I have found new sources for repurposed fabrics that make each piece even more special. Just think about the stories these fabrics could tell!  Now they can tell yours.

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"My motto has always been "Using what we have to reinvent our lives," and my passion for reinvention is behind everything I do."

Joanne Mullin