Jean jackets are still as popular and as relevant as ever – they've just grown up. They've become more sophisticated and distinctive.
You can still just throw a jean jacket on as you run out the door, but it's no longer anonymous. You are no longer invisible.
I learned to sew as a girl, and only recently rediscovered how much I love to make things to wear and play with fabric combinations. I shop for classic and flattering styles of gently used jackets and use vintage fabrics and embellishments to transform them into exciting new pieces.
What I do is called restyling. It has more to do with style than craftsmanship. It's all regarding style. RE:Style.
Even though my jackets and scarves are all one-of-a-kind, there is a continuity throughout the line that makes them easily recognizable.
I love to help people re-invent themselves, and see themselves in a new way.My reward is seeing the amazing transformations in their personal style and how they feel about themselves.
The thing that is so surprising to me is how great my jackets and scarves look with a wide variety of clothes. My clients enjoy putting outfits together. The more combinations they try, the more amazed they are at the awesome looks they can assemble from pieces they already have in their closets.
It's not just about recycling or up-cycling or making do. It's about rediscovering what we have loved all along and expressing our own truth in an exciting new way.

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